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3/4 Auto Mixed Bed Valve 15702

Model No : 15702
Type : Mixed bed
Mode of Operation : Automatic
Water Capacity : 2000Lph
Size of Inlet : 3/4"F
Size of Outlet: 3/4"F
Size of Drain: 3/4"F
Acid & Alkaline Conn. 3/8"M
Air Inlet 1/2"F
Air Outlet 3/4"F
ORG Part ld 758

Prduct Description

  • If Power is cut off in the service status,the system will directly  go to fast rinse after power on, which can prevent flow -out of unqualified water.
  • Once the resistivity meter teste the water unqualified, it will start regenerationimmediately.
  • On backwash state, it will supply water at intervals for many times. So the anion and cation will be layering obviously.
  • Entering or washing acid and alkali at the same time which reduces regeneration time.
  • Realize first grade or second grade demineralized water regeneration.
  • The output connector of pure water pump can control regeneration pump. (adopt second grade demineralized water regeneration.